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Protect your furry friend from ticks this summer

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smalliStock 539149925It’s summer, which means owners need to be vigilant about protecting their pets (and themselves!) against ticks. Unfortunately, 2017 has been an extremely huge year for these pesky critters, as their population is soaring, especially in Michigan. While it’s not known why their population is exploding across the state, it’s thought that ticks have continues to spread by birds transporting them further and further north.

Ticks are not so problematic themselves, as is the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi that they carry. This bacteria can transfer to any animal or human that the tick bites, which can transmit Lyme disease. Lyme disease can be a serious and debilitating problem to both humans and animals if it is not caught early and treated.

It’s extremely important to protect your pet against Lyme disease and one way to do this is to get them on some sort of preventative medication which discourages ticks from making a meal of your furry friend. Make an appointment today at Little Traverse Bay Veterinary Clinic to protect your pet against ticks and to keep them healthy.

Little Traverse Bay Veterinary Clinic offers a number of preventative medications to protect your furry friend from ticks and other parasites.  To make an appointment, call 231-622-6363.