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Lumps, bumps, oh my!

Posted by on in Vet Clinic
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AddisonOlderNewIt’s not uncommon to find a lump or bump on your pet, but what exactly is it, you wonder? While it’s easy to fear the worst when you see on, these are not usually cause for concern.

But what ARE they? A lipoma is the most common type of lump that veterinarians see. This is a round, soft, non-painful mass under the skin that may look a little unappealing, but will not usually cause harm. Lipomas are typically benign, meaning that they do not spread to other places in the body and grow to a certain size and stay that way.

Occasionally, some lipomas are malignant and spread through an animal’s body. These can obviously pose a health threat and will likely need to be removed for your pet’s health. Since it’s so difficult to know if a lipoma is benign or malignant, it’s wise to have your pet seen by a veterinarian who may do a biopsy to determine the root cause.
Other issues that may cause lumps or bumps on your pet include sebaceous cysts that are essentially just clogged oil glands which will resolve on their own. Rarely, sebaceous glands develop into tumors called sebaceous adenomas, which do not pose any more threat once they are surgically removed.

If your pet has a strange lump or bump, it’s a good idea to get it checked out by a veterinarian to ensure that there are no underlying issues. To make an appointment for your pet to be evaluated by Little Traverse Bay Veterinary Clinic, call 231-622-6363.