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Check that Chip!

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BaxWe recently observed National Check the Chip Day, which brings awareness to the importance of microchips. Microchipping is an effective way to ensure your pet’s safety and an owner’s own peace of mind. It is the best way to make sure animals get home safe if they are ever lost. Pets who are not microchipped often find themselves in shelters looking for a new home and the more unfortunate ones who end up in high-risk shelters are sometimes euthanized.

A microchip is an implant that is inserted under the skin that contains a unique identification number. This number is registered through the National Register Database which contains the dog’s information, as well as the owner’s. The implant is no larger than a grain of rice and is inserted under the skin in the back of the neck in a matter of minutes. The pet’s ID number can be retrieved with a scanner, which is typically found at vet clinics and animal shelters. Unlike pet tags or ID collars, microchips last the lifetime of the pet. Microchipping is a standard procedure at most shelters. All animals at LTBHS are microchipped before they are adopted.

Another important aspect of microchipping is making sure to update the chip information. Each time a pet owner moves or changes their phone number, the chip should be updated. External tags and collars are another smart thing to do for your pet. While these are not permanent, they are another helpful tool in making sure your animal returns home safely.

If your pet is not already microchipped, please call Little Traverse Bay Veterinary Clinic at 231-622-6363 to schedule an appointment to have this important procedure done.