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India 060618

The Michael G. Phillips Good Samaritan Fund is especially important as it provides for emergency care for animal that arrive with extensive medical conditions. As you can imagine, emergency health care situations are always critical and often expensive.  The Michael G. Phillips Good Samaritan fund is designed to help us care for all of the special needs of shelter dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. In addition to funding crucial medical procedures and tests, the fund helps us purchase foods for specific dietary needs and obtain medications. Each year, we spend a considerable amount on health-related issues, over $20,000 each year! 

India (pictured left) is just one example of our Good Samaritan Fund at work.  India made quite the journey before arriving in northern Michigan. Rescued from an uncertain future, India made the long trip north in hopes of a new start and forever family. When we took India, we knew she was suffering from a bone infection, and we jumped into action to treat her upon arrival. Unfortunately, despite multiple rounds of antibiotics and care, the bone infection in India’s rear leg would not go away. Eventually, it was decided by our veterinarian that for the best quality of life, India’s hind leg should be amputated.  India has since recovered from her surgery and even found a wonderful, forever home! We are so thrilled for her, but couldn't continue to help animals like India without YOU!  To donate to this important fund, please CLICK HERE.