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Adoption Sadie and Frank PlumeIt’s been a great past week at Little Traverse Bay Humane Society! We are so thrilled to be open once again and helping our shelter residents find their forever homes. And what’s even better is that many of them did find new families in the week that we’ve been back open!

In particular, many of our long-term shelter residents found new homes, which is very exciting! Some of the cats that have been here awhile, such as Arlington, Gaines and Chewi, all found great homes, which we are cheering about!

Some of our long-term dogs also found homes, such as Bastion, Sadie (pictured left with new owner, Frank Plume) and sweet, shy Tyler!! We are so very happy for all of them and wish them the very best in their new lives.

We still have so many wonderful dogs and cats that are hoping to find new homes. We are hopeful now that we’re open, interested individuals will take the opportunity to stop by and get to know some of them better!

We’d like to thank all of our wonderful supporters for their continuous kind words and encouragement in the past couple of months. We are excited to move forward in helping our shelter residents find new homes and offering second chances to those who need it most! We are thankful for a caring community that supports this goal!

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deter bertiesmallAs an animal lover, we all know that it is never easy to lose our four legged friends. No matter how much we prepare ourselves that they will not live forever, when they go, there is little comfort. I experienced that myself on January 1, 2018 with my beloved Bulldog, Bertie.

Although I have owned dogs my whole life, my bond with Bertie was as deep as possible. She was my ‘daughter’ in every sense of the word. Since her death, I have struggled to find a new normal and the waves of grief I have experienced have been extremely hard to manage. I just miss her.

She came into my life on July 5, 2005, and from her first butt wiggle and kiss, we were inseparable. And as most of you know, Bertie came to work with me every day. She was so much of a part of the thread of my workday as well as those who came to visit the humane society. I won’t say she was patient, but she did tolerate the many times she was dressed up by us as we celebrated holidays and birthdays.

I was lucky enough to have her for almost 13 years, and every day with her was a gift. Her outlook on life was so infectious that I gave her the motto of ‘every day is her birthday’. Sadly, her health had started to deteriorate over the past four months, and although I wasn’t surprised, I did everything possible to prolong her life and my time with her. While on vacation in Florida, she started to act strange, and I could tell something was wrong. I took her to the veterinarian and they hospitalized her overnight. When I arrived at the clinic the next morning, Bertie was unable to walk and it was determined that her body was shutting down. I truly believe that she held out for me until I could be with her. I was there with her at the end, and my heart will be with her forever.

The only ounce of comfort I have had since January 1 is the support from our animal loving community. The words of encouragement and compassion have kept me afloat. I can’t thank everyone enough for helping me through my grief.

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glacier yellowstoneOne thing we’ve all learned while at LTBHS is that there is never a “normal” day here. When we arrive at work at 7:30 each morning, we’re prepared for pretty much anything.

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At Little Traverse Bay Humane Society, each and every animal has a temporary home until they find a permanent one of their own. It goes without saying that when you’re a no-kill shelter, some animals stay longer than others. The cute, tiny puppies and kittens usually find homes the quickest and often times, purebred dogs don’t stick around long, either. Your average, two year old mixed breed dog might stay for two to four weeks, which isn’t too bad, especially when the right home comes along.

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adorable kittens11111The holiday season has officially begun, and that means our favorite TV channels, radio stations, inboxes and even mailboxes are full bursting full of advertisements prompting us to buy the latest gadgets, clothing or big screen TV. Black Friday has come and gone and with it, Cyber Monday, as well. This brings us to the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, also becoming better known in recent years as Giving Tuesday.