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Rabies Clinic 070If you could do one or two simple things to keep your pet safe, would you?  On Saturday, April 5, pet owners will have the chance to attend a rabies, microchip and licensing clinic hosted by Little Traverse Bay Humane Society at Pellston Animal Clinic that provides important lifesaving measures. 

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kittens10Spring at Little Traverse Bay Humane Society means one thing: kittens.  Starting around March, LTBHS becomes inundated by kittens of all shapes, colors and sizes. The kittens at LTBHS are fortunate, because they are given a warm bed, good food, veterinary care and all the love and attention they need.  Though we are always successful in finding these cuddly kittens loving, forever homes, not all others are this lucky.  Many unwanted litters end up in shelters only to be euthanized due to lack of space.  Others end up on the street and are constantly in search of food and living in fear of predators. 

DSC 0672Last week, we received quite the surprise here at LTBHS.  No, not the kind of surprise you might expect to find such as three new litters of kittens, a truckload of rescued puppy mill dogs or an animal with an injury or illness.    

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When 2013 rolled around we had one major goal here at LTBHS: to have the best adoption year ever.  Since we were established in 1952, we’ve found homes for thousands of animals, but this year we determined that we’d have the biggest year yet, and guess what?  We did! 

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For most, buying a car is a pretty straightforward event. From November 21 to January 2, however, those who purchase or lease a Subaru will have the opportunity to do more than just buy a vehicle—they will have the chance to help save a life.