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Shasta dogAt Little Traverse Bay Humane Society, (LTBHS), we give second chances.  Especially to the animals who would not likely be given one elsewhere.  At LTBHS, we know that every life is valuable and important, which is why we do everything in our power to give these animals the second chance they deserve, and more importantly, the opportunity to find a loving, lifelong family of their own. 

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Each morning when we arrive at work, none of us really know what the day will bring. Of course there will be dogs to be let out and played with, kitty condos to clean and potential adopters to greet, but beyond that, nothing can prepare us for who or what will come through our doors. This is exactly what happened yesterday.

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guster2One sad statistic that is recorded in the animal welfare field is ‘adoption return rate’.  This is the percentage of animals who are adopted and then at some point in their lives, returned. 

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Week 6: Whew!  This was a challenging week for us.  We lost a total of 10.8 pounds.  It's hard not to think about food when you're stuck inside all the time (and the start of paczki season doesn't help, either!).  The frigid cold weather has made it difficult to get out and enjoy our favorite winter activities, but we have two weeks left and we're determined to finish big!  The good news is that we've lost a total of 169 pounds so far!  We're also excited to announce we've gained two additional sponsors, Linda Smith and Marianne Moffatt. We're thankful to everyone for their encouragement along the way-we couldn't do this without you!

Week 5: We're back on track this week!  We lost a total of 22.2 pounds collectively.  This is no small feat, especially during the long, cold winter months when hearty comfort foods like casseroles and mac and cheese sound particularly good.  We're extremely proud to have lost 158.3 pounds as a group so far and with three weeks left to go, we're hoping to surpass 200 pounds!  Wish us luck!  

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Week #3,

I didn’t post last week, I must have been too busy monitoring meals. Week #2 posted a cumulative weight loss of 26.4 pounds and Week #3 came in at 27.1 pounds.  That’s a total of 125.7 pounds for 3 weeks!!  It’s so interesting to see the changes in everyone as the weight loss starts to show.  One person has lost 15 lbs (granted she is younger!) and you can totally see it in her face.  It’s been fun to watch everyone settle into healthier eating habits.  We bought a cookbook-The Drop 10 Cookbook by Lucy Danziger-which has been a tremendous help in giving ideas for healthy, calorie conscious meals.

Thank you everyone for your support and here’s to another week of Pounds for Hounds!